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Old Age Stipple

Simulate wrinkles on skin

Old Age stipples are latex-based products that can be used to simulate wrinkles on skin. Works best on skin of persons of 50 years and older.



  • Old Age Stipple C /60ml

    Old Age Stipple C /60 ml

    38,30 EUR

  • Old Age Stipple Crusty /60ml

    Old Age Stipple Crusty /60 ml

    42,50 EUR

  • Attagel 40 /240ml

    Attagel 40 /240 ml

    15,30 EUR

Premiere products

Premiere product

  • Attagel /60gr

    Attagel for creating Old Age Stipple /60gr

    8,84 EUR

  • Green Marble Ager /60 ml

    GREEN MARBLE AGING CONCENTRATE offers a subtle approach to aging, from just a couple of years to many decades. The Lincoln Cut was speciffically made for Daniel Day-Lewis for the Oscar winning film...

    27,23 EUR

Bluebird FX

Bluebird FX

  • AlliedFX Old Age Beige / 50ml

    BlueBirdFX Old Age Beige / 50ml

    46,60 EUR


Old Age Stipple

  • Old Skin Plast /100ml

    Old Skin Plast (OSP) is for creation of realistic wrinkles on the skin.

    17,95 EUR


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