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Latex and latex foam coating

High solids gloss coating which creates a shiny surface. Forms a tenacious, highly flexible bond while sealing and waterproofing the mask. Has a 600% elongation. Used primarily to simulate wet areas on props and masks. Can also be used on urethane foams and urethane rubbers which can be difficult surfaces to paint.

Flex Gloss

  • Flex Gloss /240ml

    Flex Gloss /8oz

    18,72 EUR

  • Flex Gloss /907ml

    Flex Gloss /32oz

    49,92 EUR

Monstermakers Accesoires

  • Permawet /120 ml

    Permawet /4oz

    14,40 EUR

  • PermaWet /224 ml

    PermaWet /8oz

    24,96 EUR

  • High Rise Foaming Agent /0,94kg

    High Rise Foaming Agent

    57,50 EUR

  • Super Cell foaming agent /1kg

    Microcellular latex foam ideal for patching and seaming

    61,44 EUR

  • Flow Enhancer /473ml

    Flow Enhancer

    22,08 EUR

  • Flow Enhancer /1lt

    Flow Enhancer

    35,52 EUR

  • Foaming Agent /1ltr

    Foaming Agent

    64,80 EUR

  • Foam Mold Release /118ml

    Foam Mold Release /4oz

    5,76 EUR

  • Foam Latex Mold Release /473ml

    Monster Makers Foam Latex Mold Release

    19,10 EUR

  • Gelling Agent /946ml

    Standard Gelling Agent

    51,84 EUR

  • Curing Agent /946ml

    Curing Agent /32oz

    51,84 EUR

  • Gelling Agent /473ml

    Standard Gelling

    32,64 EUR

  • High rise foaming agent /450ml

    High rise foaming agent /16oz

    32,64 EUR

  • Curing Agent /473ml

    Curing Agent

    32,64 EUR


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