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Special Effects Lab

The Special Effects Lab - Anything you'll need to create Special Make-Up in your 'Lab" such as Prosthetic Silicones, Foam Latex, Dental Products, Gelatin, Bald Cap Plastics, pre-made molds and much, much more.

Platsil Gel, P.T.M. ,Q-Ballz, Glycerine, Baldcap, Dental Tray ...

Prosthetic Material

  • Prosthetic Silicones

    Prosthetic Silicones

    Silicones, gelatines and foams for making all kinds of theatrical prostetics more

  • Life Casting Materials

    Life Casting Materials

    alifecasting applications, wide selection of "prosthetic grade" alginate more

  • Monster Makers

    Monster Makers

    an extensive range of high quality foam-latex, Monster Clay, accesories and additives more

  • PTM


    Prosthetic Transfer Material, named after it's signature product. Why overcomplicate thing ... more

  • Dental


    medical polymers, laquers, special effects, custom fangs, crazy dentures. more

  • Cap Plastic - Encapsulators

    Cap Plastic - Encapsulators

    Cap Plastic and Encapsulators to make Bald Caps and to encapsulate silicone prosthetics more

  • Silicone Paints & Pigments

    Silicone Paints & Pigments

    paints, pigments, flock, fillers etc. to color silicones, PU-resins, PU-rubbers etc. more

  • Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol

    Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol

    Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, components and kits for making prosthetics more

  • Bond FX

    Bond FX

    - for painting, surface preparation, encapsulating gel filled appliances or for reparing s ... more

  • Bondo Paste

    Bondo Paste

    Thickened acrylic emulsions; Tu use as an edge filler or to make prosthetic transfers with ... more

  • Starter Kits

    Starter Kits

    these kits will get you started and contain everything you need in one complete package. more

  • Prosthetics Magazine

    Prosthetics Magazine

    published by the famous make-up FX designer and teacher Neill Gorton with articles about s ... more

  • Brushes Make-Up

    Brushes Make-Up

    BDelium brushes are truly handmade products. Titanic gives value for money more

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Let us help you find your way.

The list below may help you find what you are looking for via an alternative path.

  • Molding

    flexible and rigid molding for all sorts of objects.

  • Casting

    a wide range of flexible and rigid casting materials.

  • Special Properties

  • Composites

    resins, poyester, epoxy, acrylic resin, glass fibres etc.

  • Foam

    expanding flexible and rigid foams, rigid blocks.

  • Restoration

    restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings.

  • Prototyping

    resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping.

  • Textile

  • Cosplay

    Products to make your own Cosplay Costumes and Props!

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